Violent Crimes

Effective Defense Lawyers for Serious Charges

If you have been charged with committing a violent crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer known for achieving positive results for clients in the most challenging cases.

A Winning Record

At the law office of Stone, Dinkin & Amirshahi, PLC, in Richmond, Virginia, our attorneys have established an excellent reputation for defending clients charged with serious felonies in state and federal court, including:

  • Capital murder (death penalty cases)
  • Murder (homicide)
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Car jacking
  • Malicious wounding (assault)
  • Sex offenses
  • Aggravated battery
  • Weapons crimes
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Abduction
  • Weapons crimes
  • Domestic violence

You can be charged with a violent crime even if you never engaged in any of the above acts. If you were present and provided assistance to those who were directly involved, you can be charged with the same crime, whether it is robbery or murder.

Experience Counts

Our experience as former prosecutors gives us valuable insight into how the government puts together a case. This often gives us the tools we need to take it apart.

Mandatory minimum penalties are typically involved in cases involving violent crimes. These crimes leave judges with no discretion to deviate from the required sentences due to individual circumstances.

We carefully analyze the facts of the case, the evidence against you and the potential consequences. We may be able to negotiate to get the charges reduced or the case dropped completely.

No matter how serious the charges, you can depend on the criminal defense lawyers of Stone, Dinkin & Amirshahi, PLC, for effective representation. Please contact us for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.